Digitally supported consultation process

For financial service providers, banks, insurances, and asset managers

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FiplaPro® Finanzwerkzeuge depict the digitally supported consultation process. The Financial Tools are made up of the three components: FiplaPro® Eignungsprüfung for a visualized suitability test with financial planning; FiplaPro® Beratungscockpit, the specialized CRM for financial service providers; and FiplaPro® Vorsorgeagenda, which provides mobile customer access that meets the stringent transparency and accountability obligations.

This agenda simultaneously serves as the consultation agenda of the financial service provider – the backbone of their future business model. The FiplaPro® Beratungscockpit and FiplaPro® visualisierte Eignungsprüfung can also be deployed individually.

Added value thanks to the FiplaPro® Finanzwerkzeugen

The module-based comprehensive solution for financial service providers, banks, and insurances – FiplaPro® Finanzwerkzeuge.

Derived from practical experience:
From the collective experience of 6000 implemented provision plans and developed over thousands of working hours.

MAX’ customer protection,
MAX’ consulting security:

information obligation, transparency and due diligence, as well as documentation and accountability obligations, FiplaPro® Finanzwerkzeuge not only protect your customers better, but also you and the consulting decisions you make.

MAX’ work facilitation: :
through lean processes. The entered customer details are directly added to the FiplaPro® Beratungscockpit, where customers can view them via the FiplaPro® Vorsorgeagenda, and you can view them in the Beratungsagenda.

MAX’ revenue:
through additionally sold FiplaPro® visuelle Eignungsprüfungen. Thanks to the specialised Customer Relationship Management System FiplaPro® Beratungscockpit, you can keep an eye on all your current financial investments.

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We look forward to showing you where we currently stand with our toolbox, which processes and requirements are already covered by the digital tools in terms of the FinSA, and what is still waiting to be developed and planned. We are interested in your critical assessment and appraisal.


What changes will FinSA/FinIA bring about?

Verification and documentation obligation

Scope of documentation

Customer consultation changes significantly

High expenses and penalties for non-compliance!

FinSA to-do list

What are the necessary steps to FinSA/FinIA compliance?

Take your tasks from our to-do list.

FAQs about FinSA/FinIA

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