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On January 1, 2020, the new financial laws FIDLEG/FINIG introduced new customer protection rules, but these also come with new costs for implementing the associated regulations.

That’s why we developed a legally compliant, digitally supported consultation process over the last years, in cooperation with lawyers Theodor Härtsch and Dr. Alexander Eichhorn from the firm Walder Wyss, Zurich. We were able to present this concept to numerous industry representatives at various information events together with bank zweiplus and other partners. We received important suggestions from them which we have incorporated into our development agenda. Today, we are able to say that this process has been developed from practical experience.

We also integrated the definitive provisions of the regulations, which were published on November 6, 2019, into our tools. The next step is to incorporate your requirements and wishes into the development process.

That’s why we would like to invite you to a small gathering at our workshop. At this event, you will find out which aspects of FIDLEG/FINIG provisions our legally compliant, digitally supported consultation process of the future covers. You’ll be able to see which processes and requirements our tools already provide a solution for with regard to FIDLEG. But what’s particularly important to us is the question of what you need for your own company. We’re counting on your critical assessment, appraisal, and ideas to help us with this.

At this event, you can also get to know our team of developers and receive information on the details and USP of the process from experts. We look forward to hearing your practice-related ideas. We will incorporate these into our future plans to ensure that the consultation process is truly based on experience.

The goal of the legally compliant, digitally supported consultation process is to provide added value for the entire industry and increase customer protection as well as consulting security. Together, we can achieve this.

Agenda and informations

Each event starts at 11:00 a.m. – End at 2:00 p.m. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us beforehand.

Topics discussed:

  • How the digital consulting process originated
  • CRM 2020: client data with multiple benefits
  • FiplaPro® Quick Lunch
  • The visualised suitability test: Add value to the customer and turn them into a real decision-maker
  • Mobile access for the client: all-in-one provision and consulting agenda
  • How do I use the digital consulting process to obtain additional income?
  • Your suggestions and must-haves
  • next steps

To ensure we have enough time to listen to your suggestions and questions, the number of places is restricted. Please register using the form below. You will then receive the exact details by email.

(The workshops are currently only held in German.)

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